Groupe CAT


  • 1957-150x150.jpg
    4th SEPTEMBER: CAT is set up by Renault. Its first challenge is to optimize sea transport of Renault 4cv vehicles shipped to the US market.
  • 1963-1-150x150.jpg
    Groupe CAT ships and delivers products sold by Renault in France and overseas. It opens despatch compounds in the Renault factories of Flins, Creil, Billancourt, the Sandouville hub and Le Mans.
  • 1967-1-150x150.jpg
    Service scope extension: storage and preparation. Creation of the Gennevilliers vehicle delivery compound and at the same time as the port agencies of Rouen, Le Havre and Marseille.
  • 1969-150x150.jpg
    Groupe CAT obtains customs’ approval for Boulogne, Rouen, Marseille, Versailles and Le Havre. The company head office is opened at 82 rue du Point du Jour at Boulogne.
  • 1970-150x150.jpg
    CAT Belgium, the company’s first subsidiary is set up. This initiates the company’s international expansion, which continues to this day, particularly in Eastern European countries.
  • roro-R12-150x150.jpg
    Groupe CAT buys out the maritime agency COMATRAN (Consignation Maritime et de Transit).
  • 1973-1-150x150.jpg
    Groupe CAT creates SETH (Société d'Exploitation du Terminal Havrais), and its navigation company, SGAN (Société de Gestion et d'Affrètement de Navires) which becomes Société Générale d'Armement et de Navigation.
  • 1974-1-150x150.jpg
    With the creation of TED, CAT enters the parts logistics business. An activity now included in its Cargo Logistics service.
  • The Evreux agency is created.
  • 1980-150x150.jpg
    Air CAT is created, specialising in air transport and transit.
  • marchandises-generales-01-150x150.jpg
    Groupe CAT opens in Germany. And also in Mexico at the same time.
  • A new Groupe CAT operation opens in Italy and then installs offices in Venezuela.
  • 2007_09_mondial_2roues_045-150x150.jpg
    The Cargo Logistics Division begins to distribute motorcycles, starting with Kawasaki in France.
  • Groupe CAT sets up a new subsidiary in Great Britain.
  • Groupe CAT operations open in Singapore.
  • Groupe CAT operations open in Portugal.
  • marchandises-generales-06-150x150.jpg
    Groupe CAT launches a pioneering new IT solution for fleet vehicle logistics, known as Districat.
  • Groupe CAT operations opens in Slovenia.
  • marchandises-generales-05-3-150x150.jpg
    With the break-up of the Communist Block, CAT turns towards the East and creates a network in the German Democratic Republic and a subsidiary in Poland.
  • Groupe CAT sets up in Austria and Switzerland. To support the expansion of its activities into Asia, Groupe CAT also opens a representative office in Shanghai.
  • CamiónCAR-ONE3-150x150.jpg
    Groupe CAT continues to expand its international network by creating subsidiaries in Argentina and Brazil.
  • Creation of a representative office in Turkey and a subsidiary in Slovenia.
  • Groupe CAT reorganises its activities : the General Goods and International Transport divisions merge and give birth to CAT Cargo Logistics.
  • Renault sells CAT to a Global Automotive Logistics Consortium. Backed by its shareholders, CAT provides Renault and its other customers with a comprehensive global network.
  • 2004-lc-pologne-033-150x150.jpg
    Groupe CAT starts working with BMW, Daimler, Chrysler, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Opel, Scania and Toyota. CAT-WWL Logistics opens in South Africa with the Volkswagen group.
  • Renault renews its trust in Groupe CAT by extending the cargo logistics contracts in eleven European countries. In terms of vehicle logistics, CAT boosts its position in Italy by creating a joint venture: MERCAT.
  • logo-als-final-11-150x150.jpg
    A new subsidiary is created in Ukraine with Honda, Toyota and Yamaha. In Slovakia, Groupe CAT opens Automobile Logistics Slovakia which takes on the vehicle logistics for the Kia factory in Zilina.
  • VSI became the new shareholder of GAL, CAT’s owner. CAT aims to develop its activities in North Africa and Eastern countries
  • 2008-150x150.jpg
    To consolidate its expansion, CAT signs global partnership agreements with major logistics companies.
  • 2009-150x150.jpg
    100% of Groupe CAT is held by TCL.
  • P8260172-150x150.jpg
    Groupe CAT acquires 150 trucks and becomes a short sea player in Europe with Suardiaz CAT Shipping Company. With the setting up of HALP in India, the group concretizes its expansion in Asia.
  • 2011-150x150.jpg
    Groupe CAT deploys investments and launches activity in Morocco and India. Fleet development is ongoing with hundreds of trucks integrated within CAT's fleet in Europe.
  • 2012-toquero-optim-150x150.jpg
    CAT takes control of Toquero Express, a subsidiary of the Spanish group Toquero, specialized in vehicles transport. CAT is bringing Autotrans (Portugal) and Toquero France into the fold, increasing its fleet by more than a hundred trucks.
  • 2013-batilly-optim-150x150.jpg
    The Batilly expansion project, initiated in 2009, is entering a second phase, which will end in 2015, making it the largest center in the group with a size of over 275,000 m² and 5,800 covered spaces. The preparation workshop will be inaugurated in 2015.
  • 2014-flotte-HD-optim-150x150.jpg
    The first trucks with the fleet new colors are inaugurated at Quincieux.
  • 2015-fleetpoint-150x150.png
    CAT takes control of Fleetpoint, a Dutch company specialized in the vehicles transport and acquires the Quincieux site (Vehicle Logistics) near Lyon.
  • 2016-wwl-cat-optim-150x150.jpg
    The group pursues its investment strategy and acquires Walenius Wilhemsen Logistics Germany, strengthening its presence in Germany (with 3 Vehicle Logistics Centers) and in Central Europe.
  • CVTSTVA.jpg
    Acquisition of Sintax Logistica, 100% CVT – Carlson Vehicle Transfer Ltd – and of STVA. In total, + 2,500 employees, an additional fleet of 1,400 trucks and 2,600 wagons. Groupe CAT, a real key player in vehicle logistics in Europe.